Triathlon Coaching

Our goal at Next Level is to help you identify and guide you through to your ultimate sporting achievement.


Do you have an event in mind? Something that will really test your limits, perhaps an event your friends and family don't really think you could do? Or, are you already a seasoned competitor and want to achieve a Personal Best or beat that fellow triathlete who always seems to be just that little bit better than you? Check out what Next Level can do to help you get there...

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There are a huge number of Triathlons that you can aim to do, both in New Zealand and Overseas. Here are some Events that the Next Level coaches and team focus on. Do one of these events and there will be a Next Level coach to support you - either from the sideline or out on the course competing with you...

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We work with a variety of endurance athletes at Next Level. Triathletes are our specialty. People, just like you, who are aiming for a PB, to complete a Half or Full Ironman or to make the NZ Age Group Triathlon Team - goals that virtually anyone can achieve with a good attitude and the proper guidance...

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  • "Achieve my racing goals and targets"

    Michael Bos, Consultant​

    “Before I met Brendan I was just training between injuries. With Brendan's coaching I was able to achieve my racing goals and targets. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking to reach new levels of performance and fitness"

  • "I have become a far more balanced athlete"

    Jo Tacon, Business Owner

    “I have had the privilege of being trained by Brendan for nearly a year post knee surgery last September. Brendan's precise and careful personal training has helped me to become a better athlete than I was prior to my injury, as I have become a far more balanced athlete with an increase in strength and stability. This can only assist me to achieve my goals this triathlon season."

  • "Age Group World Triathlon Champion"

    Sally Wood, 55

    ​"He (Brendan) brought a different approach to my training and added little bits to push the boundaries which gave me so much more confidence on race day."